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Summer by Taylah, Emily and Belinda. Conceptual Women’s Photography

Conceptual Women’s Photography


A summers breeze feeds my soul while the sweet music of singing birds dance across the air.

The beauty and joy of summer revives my spirit, days of playing, warmth and child like wonder.
My heart could not be anymore full!

By Robecca McLean
Photography and editing: Robecca McLean Photographer
Beautiful gowns by : Judy Copley Bridal
Makeup by : Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist
Floral wings : Sandi at Willow Bud
Hair by: Nicole at Sass & Niki’s Wedding Hair & Make-up
Models: Taylah
"Conceptual Women

Spring by Erin – Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer

Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer, Robecca McLean creates beautiful art pieces full of love and emotion, using everyday women and showing how extraordinary they can be.

It’s only the beginning now
…a pathway yet unknown
At times the sound of other steps
…sometimes we walk aloneThe best beginnings of our lives
May sometimes end in sorrow
But even on our darkest days
The sun will shine tomorrow.

So we must do our very best
Whatever life may bring
And look beyond the winter chill
To smell the breath of spring.

Into each life will always come
A time to start anew
A new beginning for each heart
As fresh as morning dew.

Although the cares of life are great
And hands are bowed so low
The storms of life will leave behind
The wonder of a rainbow.

The years will never take away
Our chance to start anew
It’s only the beginning now
So dreams can still come true.
by Gertrude B. McCain

Photography and editing: Robecca McLean
Makeup and Hair : Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist
Flower display : Sando Shankster Willow Bud
Model : Erin
Roses by :



Autumn is here – Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer

Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer, Robecca Mclean photographs the season’s.


Autumn is upon us in all its beauty… The time of year to release the old leaves to make way in Spring for new ones to form.

Here is the first image in the series “Women and Seasons” a personal project undertaken by Robecca McLean , Natalie Hunter Makeup artist  who did Hair and Makeup and Sandi Shankster floral artist from Willow Bud.

Model: Natasha Crowe

If you follow our facebook page you will find great behind the scene photos from the shoot. Including the making of leaves and Natasha’s skirt

"Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer"

"Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer"

“Sunshine Coast Fine Art Photographer”


And here is an example of my photoshop magic.

"Sunshine Coast Conceptual photography"

Kate and Barry – Eves at Tenerife – Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

They met at uni, both borders at union college but it would take Barry another year to make his move on this girl that had won his heart!

A day at the races, followed by a city cat trip home ( which they quickly realised was the wrong cat and was taking them in the wrong direction) and then stopping for a kebab due to missing the dinner run at uni, sealed the deal!

This was the start of this beautiful love affair that has seen them traveling , loving and supporting each other for the last 10 years, ending at the begining in this beautiful wedding day surrounded by close family and friends.

So much fun, so much love and a few tears ended in us recreating the day they got together. Just before midnight we took the city cat into the city and had another little photo shoot with just the two of them at the end of the night.


Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography by Robecca McLean




May 23, 2013 - 1:34 pm

Jodie Vit - Hi, I was the makeup artist whom did Kate and the girls makeup on Saturday. I loved your photography, the wedding party all look amazing! I am trying to do more wedding and event makeup and I was wondering if you liked my work and would be happy to refer any future brides to me. I currently own and operate Glamour Beaute Lounge in Taringa, which is a boutique hair and beauty salon. I would be happy to provide you with further information and business cards if you are interested. Thank you, Jodie Vit

May 23, 2013 - 7:06 pm

max warmington - Hi Rebecca
I am very very very[the best descriptive word I could find, but there probaly is something even better to describe your work] impressed with your photography style. Keep up the good work. Max